Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Lacto-Resistance Training: A Novel Approach to Muscle Hypertrophy

Lacto-Resistance Training study

The study titled "Lacto-resistance training: a method to facilitate muscle hypertrophy in professional bodybuilders" published in Sport Sciences for Health, introduces a novel exercise method, lacto-resistance training, which emphasizes lactate production during exercise. The primary aim of this research was to compare the hypertrophic effects of this new training method with traditional resistance training in professional bodybuilders.

The study involved twenty-four participants who performed both traditional and lacto-resistance exercises in separate sessions. The researchers measured and compared blood lactate concentrations and metabolic stress, estimated by plasma ammonia levels (PAL) and muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2), between the two exercise methods. The participants were then grouped based on their rectus femoris muscle cross-sectional area (RFCSA) into control, traditional resistance training (TRT), and lacto-resistance training (La-RT) groups. The TRT and La-RT groups underwent their respective four-week resistance training programs, and changes in RFCSA and one-repetition maximum (1RM) were compared between the groups.

The results showed that the average changes in blood lactate concentrations, SmO2, and PAL from rest to post-exercise were significantly higher in the lacto-resistance exercise compared to those obtained following traditional resistance exercise. After four weeks of resistance training, the values of 1RM squat and 1RM leg press were significantly higher in the TRT and La-RT groups compared to the control group. Notably, post-training values of RFCSA in the La-RT group were significantly higher than in the control group, but not in the TRT group.

The study concludes that lacto-resistance training is a useful hypertrophy-oriented exercise, even for professional athletes who hardly experience muscle mass gains with traditional resistance training. It provides compelling evidence that Lacto-Resistance Training (Lactate threshold training) can be an effective alternative to traditional resistance training. By using lower weights until relative exhaustion, it is possible to achieve comparable muscle hypertrophy. This innovative approach could revolutionize training methods for professional bodybuilders and athletes, offering a new pathway to muscle growth that challenges conventional wisdom.

Citation: Hatami, M., Nikooie, R. & Enhesari, A. Lacto-resistance training: a method to facilitate muscle hypertrophy in professional bodybuilders. Sport Sci Health (2023). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11332-023-01106-3